Monday, 2 July 2012

How to create a shabby chic bedroom

Shabby Chic means different things to different people but one thing is for sure..this style has been popular for more than a decade and is still popular today. Shabby chic can best be described as a Scandinavian style mixed with a Victorian country house. The shabby chic style can be used in any room but is probably easier to achieve in bedrooms where white painted furniture and vintage style fabrics can be used to best effect The key elements to the shabby chic style are painted furniture and pretty pastel and floral fabrics. Pale wooden floors with rugs and vintage light fittings complement the overall look which should be fresh and girly!
One of the great things with the Shabby Chic style is how it can be created with furniture and pieces you already own. With a little time and effort old tired furniture can be given a new fresh look. There are various techniques you can use from simply sanding areas of painted furniture to create a worn look or my favourite…crackle glazing! I have bought several pieces from local charity shops and used a crackle glaze to give them the shabby chic look. Another cheap but effective way of creating the shabby chic look is to use old family photos, flower artwork and antique mirrors to decorate the walls. Make sure the frames you use are wooden and have an aged look to them.
Your bed should be the feature of the room and is where the shabby chic style can work so well. Handmade quilts, soft linens and vintage florals will create a comfortable and cozy looking bed. The frame should be wrought iron or rustic country house style with a wooden head board.
Your windows need to be decorated with light airy colours, florals and pastels. Choose fabrics that complement your bedding and furniture but don’t worry about matching exactly. The whole shabby chic look relies on an organic slightly eclectic look that gives the impression items have been acquired over time. At Discount Fabrics Lincs we always have a large selection of fabrics to help you create the look you want. Our vintage florals, striped cottons, linens and plains are all suitable for the shabby chic look.

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