Saturday, 16 June 2012

New curtain and furnishing fabric at Discount Fabrics Lincs

We had to quickly get the fabric under cover so the workshop is now in chaos!

The lorry arrived in a massive downpour and left in glorious sunshine!

Well the new delivery of curtain and furnishing fabric arrived yesterday afternoon. Managed to get the lorry driver to help us get the first 5 pallets under cover, just one left for me to do by hand. Luckily the fabrics all come covered in plastic as we had a massive thunderstorm when we were off loading the first lorry...typical summer weather! I have spent today going through it all and with the help of my son have managed to find a spot for most of it...some of the rolls that we have doubled on have been put in storage for our wholesale customers.  Make sure to check out the website in the next couple of days to see all our new fabric...

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