Monday, 30 April 2012

How to make a simple envelope cushion cover


This is a very fast and simple way to make a removable cushion cover without the need for zips and is a great way of using up left over fabric. At our workshop we have a bit box with pieces that are big enough for a project like this.

Step one

Get your cushion pad and measure the width. Lay out your fabric and measure out the fabric. It should be three times the length of the cushion, by the width of the cushion plus add an extra 5cm on all sides for hemming. Then carefully cut the fabric.

Step Two

Place the fabric right side down so you are looking at the wrong side. In effect you have a rectangle of fabric. You need to sew a small hem (approx. 2.5cms) on the two short sides. You may find it easier to press the hem flat before you sew and it will look neater. Turn up 2.5cm at each width end of the fabric to create a hem at either end.

Step Three

Place the fabric wrong side down with the right side facing up and put the cushion pad at one side of the material where you have hemmed. Fold the fabric around your pad creating a envelope.

Step Four

Carefully mark the material where the fabric meets and then remove the pad and fold the fabric back to this pencil mark. This becomes easier to understand when you actually do it, I promise!

Step Five

Pin along the sides, leaving a seam allowance of 2.5cm on each side. Tack, and machine down each side.

Step Six

For a really professional look you may like to trim the edges to approx. 1.5 cms and then machine with a zigzag edge. This is particularly useful if you have a fabric that frays.

Turn the right side out and put your pad in.

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