Monday, 16 January 2012

meet our pets

Thought it would be nice to introduce you to my families pets...
Garfield is our cat who spends alot of time with us in the workshop. We got him from a cat rescue centre near Market Rasen, he had been dumped by his previous owners and was fending for himself. He is a very friendly cat and likes lots of attention from customers!

This is Red or to give him his racing name Red River Rock. We have had him 3 years and he was another rescue! He had his place booked on the meat wagon but his trainer really liked him and tried to find a forever home for comes me to the rescue. He was a flat sprinter and had a pretty good record but like alot of racehorses once his career came to a end was no longer wanted. He is the kindest, most sensible horse you will ever meet and me and the kids trust him completely. We had a very nasty scare with him over xmas when he had to go to Rase vets for 4 days with severe colic, luckily we caught it early and the staff were fantastic.
This is Shrek being ridden by my daughter who is going through a pink phase! Shrek is a Haflinger x and is 14.1hh. We have had him about 18 months and have had to work really hard with him. He was 5 when we first got him and was very disrespectful to humans...he was a big brat! He would drag us about, barge past us and was basically abit of a bully boy. Despite appearing at first glance to be very dominant he was actually very nervous and unsure of what he should be doing. We put in firm boundaries, rewarded good behaviour and had a zero tolerance of bad behaviour/manners. He is now a totally different character, very calm, happy and enjoying life. He has an amazing jump and we are hoping to start competing with him this year.
This is little Roger, he is my daughters pride and joy and is 2 years old. We bought him from a customer who loved him to bits but had no where to keep him and not enough time to bring him on. He is about 11hh so we will probably use him as a driving pony as he is going to be to small for my daughter to ride, though she says different! He is very sweet and loves a good scratch. Even though he is the smallest he sticks up for him self and when it comes to food no one gets in his way.

The horses are kept at home in a 3 acre field behind the workshop and you are welcome to have a fuss...let us know first though as we have electric fencing which hurts if you touch it, the horses now and stay away and we dont want to electocute our customers, its not good for P.R!!

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